K.L. Null Holsters

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City Slicker
For Smith & Wesson J-Frame Revolvers

Conceived specifically for the Smith & Wesson Model J-Frame revolver, including all variances, the SKR personifies in full the high tech concept of "less is more".

Constructed from an especially dense, though extremely thin, polymer material, the SKR thoroughly dispenses with the bulk, weight and discomfort usually associated with shoulder holsters, yet sacrifices nothing in terms of security or durability. It is high pressure moulded to follow the exact contours of the specific J-frame it is ordered for, fits like a glove and adds no appreciable width beyond the weapon’s own. Alternate models will NOT fit, ONLY model ordered for. Additionally, this material is totally maintenance free, will neither attract nor retain moisture or lint and, owing to the holster’s all-enveloping design, completely protects the weapon’s finish and inner mechanism, even if so stored.

Safety, as well as retention, are assured by the SKR’s covered trigger guard. Featuring a vertical, butt-down carry mode for maximum concealability, weapon presentation is accomplished through a simple and error free, natural pull forward. The SKR is designed for under jacket carry but does not lend itself to carry under a shirt or blouse as the SMZ is famous for and access to the weak hand, if necessary, is perfectly practical. No speed is lost fumbling with unreliable safety straps, thumb breaks and the like.

The SKR holster is suspended by our unique Tri-Span Harness, the most compact yet comfortable system on the market. Unlike typical harnesses utilized by most manufacturers, which have changed little since the turn of the Century, the exceptionally discreet Tri-Span positively will not "print" through one’s clothing, signaling that the user is armed.

The SKR is supplied in white or black with a white or black Tri-Span harness.

Over shadowed only by the legendary SMZ shoulder holster's 40 plus years reign as the lightest and fastest shoulder rig worldwide.

Total weight of the Holster, Tri-Span Harness and loaded Airweight J-Frame revolver: 19 oz.!

$85.00 - U.S. Currency